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The name is a little bit confusing as sometimes the whole Mykonos Town is referred to as Chora, but I included the exact location of this shop below so you will be able to find it easily. I had been to Greece when I was twelve on an exchange and once hopped across from Turkey to visit Kos, so it was definitely time to go back. as it comes into land at the Mykonos airport! Small-Group Half-Day Tour in Mykonos. The streets here were some of the prettiest with flowers everywhere. For us, it really is the best part of Mykonos to stay in. Mykonos is such a charming little island, I loved being there so much . Location on Google Maps: #HAPPINESS Store. Aww thank you so much, Im so happy you liked it! Escape the crowded party places and learn about daily life on the island. Just a short walk from the beach you will also find this little church. 6-bedroom Mykonos luxury villa . Located on the hills of Chora, the famous Kato Windmills offer panoramic views of both the harbour and the entire village. The bustling little square in front of Nikos Taverna is vibrant and alive during the evenings. on: function(evt, cb) { But the view is so worth it! } To take photos looking over the white roof tops of Mykonos, head up the hill to Boni Windmill and the Agricultural Museum. To read about all the best beaches in Mykonos head to my blog on the. 1. We already wrote a complete dreamy itinerary for 3 days in Mykonos. Super Paradise Beach. These small alleys made of white cobblestones perfectly reflect the spirit of the village. Some yummi crepes or ice cream, anyone? Cavo Tagoo Mykonos hotel is what your Cycladic dreams are made of. For all those reasons, 180 sunset bar became one of the most famous Mykonos instagram spots. Wearing a red dress was just a bonus, it created a really great contrast with the blue. Lia Beach. 18. Mykonos and Santorini offer the same amount of opportunities to take incredible instagram photos. From whitewashed villages to bohemian chic retreats and beaches with crystal clear waters, Mykonos has a little something to offer for everyone and thats why, travelers from all over the world, choose it for their summer vacation, every year. Not only that but it's surrounded by a hill. Situated just along the beach from the Mykonos windmills, Little Venice really is a small part of Venice in Mykonos. Along your journey from one alleyway into another narrow side street, you will run into beautiful houses and churches built on both sides. Platis Gialos looks like paradise, it is definitely one of the best beaches in Mykonos island Greece to take pictures in a clear blue sea. At sunset, the sun is in front of Little . Writing this article brought back so many great memories for me too, cant wait to get back to Greece again! Mykonos Old Port. The longest day of the year is 14 hr 45 min and takes place in June. Your email address will not be published. They actually like to be around tourists and being the center of attention (and they get easy food, obviously!). Interested in seeing more Instagrammable places? Scattered around the streets of Mykonos Town are many clubs and trendy music bars for all styles and preferences. Stars of countless selfies, the seven windmills silently overlooking Hora's harbor are icons of the island and is one of Mykonos' best easy hikes. I didnt know Mykonos was so beautiful. We have been before but I am a lot further on in my photography journey so will be like seeing it through new eyes (or Olympus OMD E 10 iii lens!!). This pristine white building with perfect right angles is surrounded by pink flowers and green plants in spring and summer. Thats exactly what I did! The white walls with the turquoise door and the gates grant a really great backdrop for every photo. Mykonos old town is very touristy but the rest of the island is more wild. It was also a very quiet area, and perfect to take photos as no one else was there! 2. The Mykonos sunrise and sunset times shown below are for Mykonos Town. This is the second largest village in Mykonos. There are several excellent choices throughout the island, so be sure to not just stick to one. Im so happy you liked it! For travelers who want to turn up a bit on the beach, it's a 10-minute walk down a lovely seaside path to Elia Beach, the island's longest sandy beach. Im going in 3 weeks! It really is one of the best things to do in Mykonos for a chilled day. Required fields are marked *. Its location is ideal because, in addition to the views, it is away from the bustle of the old town. Im on a cruise ship right now and our first stop is Mykonos tomorrow. I found this blue street by accident and I fell in love with it immediately! window.mc4wp.listeners.push( Besides the legendary party scene Mykonos is widely famous for, another great reason to visit the Island of the Winds is visiting some magical sunsets spots like Mykonos Town, Tourlos, Agios Stefanos, and Ornos. One of the most popular instagrammable spots, and it really is a cute spot. Przepiekne zdjecia. This page shows the sunrise and sunset times in Mykonos, Greece, including beautiful sunrise or sunset photos, local current time, timezone, longitude, latitude and live map. Its located right in the heart of the port of Mykonos. Baos Cocktail is another charming waterfront bar. Chill Out Studio is an absolute gem in the heights of Mykonos. Super bloggerka. It has plenty of places to eat, drink, and shop for beach essentials, as well as frequent bus connections to Mykonos Town. Mykonos Photo Spots. Some of the best LGBTQI+ beach parties in the . To see more photos or book a room at the Porto Hotel click here. If youre planning to visit Mykonos for the first time, one of the best places to stay in Mykonos is Mykonos Town itself. Cute souvenir shop with the pictures on the wall, 13. The view from 180 Sunset Bar really is like no other. It screams for an Instagram photo, right? Here you get the best view of the windmills and over the whole of Mykonos Town. Its full of great hotels, amazing restaurants, and cute little shops and it has the best nightlife as well. You should consider the information contained in this website and on associated social media accounts as general and consider the appropriateness of this material in regard to your personal objectives or consult a relevant professional prior to making decisions. Its located close to Mykonos Town but the area is quiet enough to relax. Location on Google Maps: Mykonos Windmills. St Basil Church stands out from the other churches because its located on top of a hill! At sunset, the sun is in front of Little Venice so you will get a beautiful light. Other Greek Destinations: Athens|Santorini|Milos|Paros | Naxos. You can reach Ano Mera by local bus or taxi. Instagrammable photography ideas at home: Top tips from travel content creators! You can find 5 of them standing in a row near Little Venice, this location is often referred to as Kato Mili. Private Tour: Mykonos Island in Half a Day. You can take photos from the windmills, the beach or the small white coast path. Blue and white colours that consist the interior design, will reveal the simplicity of our traditional architecture. The best thing about this spot is that in the evening, and old lady sits on the balcony above and is the happiest person Ive seen in a long time! A gorgeous white church with a staircase that is ideally located for contrasting photos of someone walking up or down. This photo was taken also just off the main square. Featuring an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the sea, Hotel Alkyon is located only a 10-minute walk from Mykonos Town. 15. Little Venice Mykonos is a quaint, romantic place that features houses built out over water and supported by pillars. Thank you for the inspiration and information! Little Venice was one of the places in Mykonos City that are recommended everywhere. There are 16 windmills scattered around the island with five of them sitting on a small hill above Little Venice, a great place to watch the sun set over the sea. 1. Keep exploring! This place is located near the popular180 Sunset Bar but its basically on an abandoned road so dont expect anything fancy. It had all the white houses in the background, as we were much higher up from the town. Whoever says Mykonos isnt one of the most photogenic islands on the planet would be a liar. Exciting youre planning a trip to Mykonos! It's the iconic postcard shot of the island. Great list, thank you. Need to visit Mykonos , Lovely blog. Read Next: Mykonos vs Santorini: Which Greek Island is Better? To give yourself a better chance of seeing sunset and beating the crowds, you could opt for a hotel or villa close to Little Venice even if its just for your first or last night. 1. { We strongly recommend a walk there as its quite empty. Hi! You now know all about Mykonos Greece, and the best picture spots you can find on the island. Its a pretty party beach were you can sip on cocktails, dance on your deck chair then jump in the sea for a swim. Look no further. Alternatively, they are always easy to see from the drone. Here are the absolute best Mykonos instagram spots. Head to up the hill in Chora where 7 of the 16 windmills stand well before dusk to claim a good spot. I had wanted to go to Mykonos for a very long time, the white washed walls, the clear blue sea and Greek food meant that it was top of my list. An Intro to Mykonos, Greece. It used to attract all the hippies in the 70s, and a decade ago it was synonymous with the gay community. If you prefer to DIY, take your towel and you can sit right beside all the luxuries and still have access to one of the most beautiful beaches on Mykonos. There is a lovely small church nearby that makes for a great drone photo! You should head there in the early hours of the morning to soak in the energy of the place with the sun rising in front of your eyes. As you can imagine, it gets so crowded and definitely not ideal to get your perfect Instagram shot. Travel Insurance Safety Wing. Here are five of the best restaurants in Mykonos you wont want to miss. When you visit it, you can feel all its history in the air. On one side, there are the impressive windmills and on the other, you can find the white washed cubic houses with colorful doors and balconies. The best time to come here is early in the morning because the spot gets very crowded during the day. That being said, its better to do it with a rental scooter/ATV/car. This stunning property is located in close proximity to Mykonos Town and features an infinity pool and sea-view rooms. Just a little heads upthe windmills are being there for a reason as the locations usually get quite windy. Love the photos! Its located right next to the Garden house of Mykonos, not far from the 180 sunset bar. Some might think Mykonos only offers parties and beach clubs, but there is so much more to this island than that. Whether you are looking to relax in the first-rate spa or savour delicious food at the award-winning restaurant your holiday is sure to be unforgettable! There is nothing much to say about it, since its in a quiet alley you can basically shoot here any time of the day. In this labyrinth of beautiful alleys, you will come upon an open square where people meet at restaurants or bars. This is the longest beach in Mykonos and is covered in deck chairs with three main sections, divided based on your style of travel, luxurious, family, gay or nudie if you prefer. Read Next: Top 29 Best Santorini Instagram Spots You Cant Miss. Queen of Mykonos. The bougainvillaea adds such a pop of colour to the islands blue and white colour schemeeverything looks really picturesque, especially in the golden hour. You will see it for yourself soon enough; the greek sun perfectly enlightens the wonderful architecture of Mykonos, that is to die for. It is a very famous view in Greece. Mykonos Town is like a real maze and although I saved so many photos from Instagram before visiting, finding the photo spots without the exact locations was quite hard. Updated April 21, 2022. However, be aware that the dishes are quite expensive. Since the original Petros died, 3 other pelicans chose Mykonos as their home. Luxurious suites feature private swimming pools and jacuzzis carved into white rock with spectacular ocean views; an unbeatable setting for ultimate relaxation and instagram photos. One of the most famous Mykonos instagram spots is the blue wooden door in the street of Tourlianis. now with the best poolside beats of MYKONOS. Iconic Greek Blue and White Street. If youre keen for some climbing, venture down the rocks at the end of the point to find a beautiful little rocky beach with an alternate view looking over the sea towards Little Venice. Im so happy you liked it Vanessa! You will eat delicious food, served by very kind people, under bougainvillea and green plants all around. It looks a lot like the Italian city of Venice hence the name. On the other side, we would say most of the island of Santorini is known by tourists. Looks so peaceful. There are some great little cocktail places in Little Venice too! Inspirational.and stunning. Well, you can do that in Mykonos too! The best seats have a minimum spend of 50. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links and any sales made through these links will reward me a small commission at no extra cost for you. Show Less. Here are 6 of the most photogenic churches of Mykonos. Beaches in Mykonos don't come 'one size fits all'. There are a few parking areas as you drive into Mykonos town that charge around 10-20 Euro for parking. Best hours to visit: sunset. However, it is also stunning at sunrise when the sun is behind it! Sort of. We stood up by the sunset spot I mentioned earlier, so you dont have any buildings in the way while you drone. Agrari Beach contrasts greatly with Paradise Beach. The stunning landmarks make this area one of the most animated and charming parts of the island. The sunrise and sunset times in Mykonos (Greece - South Aegean) for today and the current month. This photo was taken on a small street just off the main road. This restaurant is an institution in Mykonos where you can taste typical Greek dishes. Cheers! Its also where the cruise ship tourists load onto their transfer boats so just like Little Venice, its best to venture here at sunrise or wait until the evening once the cruise ships have left. Mykonos is the ultra bohemian party island and Santorini is that iconic romantic destination. Loving it! This photo was taken outside the Balenciaga shop. Plaza Hotel Lucchesi - A rooftop pool with panoramic views over the domes and rooftops of Florence, this hotel is WOW. Panormos beach is a busy beach right by the restaurant, but as you walk down it is actually quite secluded! Every bit of land offers incredible landscapes to explore and cultures to learn about. The most reliable place for accurate and unbiased hotel reviews. There are about 600 to 800 churches on the island, so you wont be able to see them all. This is my favourite place in all of Mykonos, unfortunately its also the most popular. Mobile ticket. Did you go to any of the bars in Mykonos town or are the beach parties better? Being one of the most popular areas in Mykonos, Little Venice is a very lively neighborhood during the day and the night which can be amazing to experience the true Greek vibe, but not so much for the photos. But on holidays, who cares? All Rights Reserved. I had a very hard time finding it first but you just have to click on the location below and you will know exactly where to look! Avra Restaurant comes first in the list of the most picturesque restaurants of Mykonos by far. Stay in Paradise: Super Paradise Hotels + Villas Click here for great deals for this summer! Windmills are one of the most iconic landmarks in Mykonos, currently, there are 16 windmills scattered across the island. Platis Gialos Beach is a white sand beach, located on the south of the island. Thank you for your beautiful inspiration , Czytamy. The white and pristine church of Paraportiani is actually a set of 5 churches that were built one on top of the other. There are also a few hidden basketball courts in Mykonos Town, so see if you can find them with your drone! Exceptional beaches, award-winning restaurants . HAPPINESS is reading your blogs and and seeing your beautiful photos , We need to go to Greece! He became an icon in the old port and all the fishermen were sharing their catch with him. When you take a walk through the old town of Mykonos, it is hard not to be amazed by all that beauty. The windmills are among the most recognized landmarks of the island and one of the most famous Mykonos attractions along with Little Venice. Paraportiani, the oldest church in Mykonos. Even some of the restaurants, cafes, fashion, and jewelry shops stay open until late at night. At one of the corners there is plenty of room to pull over and take photos of the view looking towards the Old Port and Mykonos town. It is also a peaceful beach to chill on all day. Paraportiani Church. Exploring the island is essential when you visit; you can hire a quad bike, car or moped to beach hop your way around and see every sun soaked corner. If you ask us, theres no better spot to take a stunning instagrammable picture! Its much quieter than the party beaches of Paradise and Super Paradise which in my opinion only makes it better! If you are looking for the most picturesque alley in Mykonos Old Town, look no further than Serakonta Street. Thanks Athena! Those two islands are often compared as they are the most known greek islands, for good reason. Best time to visit: sunrise, lunch or dinner time, Best hours to see Petros: early in the morning or at lunch, Hours: anytime but the evening as its the most crowded time of the day, Location: Agias Paraskevis is the name of the street, Hours : early morning to have the spot to yourself for your photoshoot, Hours: any time of the day, but super pretty at sunset, Hours: in the late afternoon for parties, in the morning or early afternoon for relaxing, Hours: before 12pm or after 4pm to avoid the hottest hours of the sun and the crowds, Location: Georgouli street in Old Town Mykonos, Best seasons to visit: anytime of the year, Location: Tria Pigadia, Enoplon Dinameon Street, Best hours to visit: in the morning to avoid the crowds, Location: you can find one everywhere in Mykonos, Location: Axioti 310, Mikonos 846 00, Greece, Best hours to visit: afternoon, sunset or night time, Location: 1, Agiwn Anargurwn Paraportiani, Little Venice. You will be able to see all of Mykonos town from it. Where is #Happiness Store? Mamalouka is one of the most popular spots in Mykonos for pictures, because of the beautiful colorful tree. Best photography spots in Mykonos: Sunset, I hope you enjoyed my guide on the best photography spots in Mykonos and found yourself some inspiration from all these instagrammable locations. Near this church there is also the instagrammable spot with the little street that leads down to the water. Stay here to be based right in the city so you can walk all over from sunrise to dusk. Just be weary not to fly to close to all the nudists as they may not take this well! Stick around for one of the island's best sunset views. Great tips. We went here every day to get our breakfast; it has a great bakery with croissants, as well as delicious feta cheese sandwiches! It offers an incredibly charming and cozy setting. The setting, the music and drinks all create a wonderful atmosphere, very unique to Mykonos. Mykonos is one of Greece's most popular tourist destinations thanks to its stunning scenery, great weather, and crystal-clear waters. Enjoy a tranquil stroll to the serene Agia Anna Church, located right in front of the beach of the Old Town. For all those reasons, 180 sunset bar became one of the most famous Mykonos instagram spots. Agios Stefanos also has a lovely beach and is home to Rocabella Mykonos, a beautiful hotel with white walls and a pool overlooking the sea. Mykonos Town is one of the most beautiful little towns I have ever wandered around, every street is photogenic. This is a lovely secluded beach, down a dirt path and along the dam in Mykonos. Matoyianni Street. Also if youre riding a two person quad, youll probably find one of you has to walk up the hillso work out your driving strategy so youre the one driving up! The white color reflects the sun and the blue roofs reflect the sea. Petros the Pelican is the official mascot for Mykonos, and you will find his image plastered on souvenirs throughout the many gift shops in Mykonos. Find the Blue Domes of Oia. Map of the Best Mykonos Instagram Spots. The best place to see a Pink Lake in France. Thats all we will say about it, because you have to see this dreamy place for yourself! Sitting pretty in the Old Port, this tiny church makes for an iconic image with the traditional fishing boats behind. Oh my God! No trip to Mykonos is complete without a visit to Paradise Beach, one of the most popular party spots in all of Greece and home to the island's largest nightclub. In the middle, the sea and waves crash against the island. It does get very busy in the daytime and the evening, so if you want photos like this then I would recommend getting here before 8am. Source: 180 Sunset Bar Mykonos is a trendy bar with classic Greek stylings. Its definitely the kind of place that stays in your mind after the trip. Semeli the Bar. There are a myriad of little alleyways off the main tourist route that will allow you to discover hidden courtyards, residential lane ways and colourful houses. The street itself is really charming as well and its very lively during the day but what makes it more special is the huge bougainvillea tree in the middle! Many restaurants along the coast also offer incredible views of Little Venice. Mykonos Town is nice and compact so its super easy to wander around in circles and get lost. I cannot wait to visit Mykonos this year. We could introduce this magnificent island for hours, but we wont keep you waiting. Not only can you use the windmill as a subject of composition in your images, you can use the surrounding white buildings, their gorgeous Greek features and the harbour below. Best seasons to visit: anytime. However, its the best place to see the sunrise in Mykonos. Im a photographers, so thank you for the wonderful ideas! Love your photography! Among the many 5 star Mykonos hotels, this one truly stands out. The unlimite. If you're thinking of visiting Mykonos be sure to read this post listing the 10 BEST things to do in Mykonos, Greece. Ill be showing you the best ones, as I spent a few mornings wandering around the town! The iconic Windmills Kato Mili are close to Little Venice in Mykonos Town. Do you want to read even more about the Greek islands? This windmill is located a bit out of town but its still easily accessible, you can just simply walk up there in like 15 minutes from Mykonos Town. And such an informative blog post! Sunrise Hotel and Suites has a remarkably good location for beach lovers, since it's directly on Agrari Beach. Blue and white buildings can be found all over Mykonos but this was my favourite street of them all. Getting lost amidst staircases dripping in fuchsia bougainvillea, courtyards with kittens and doors painted every shade of blue is an essential Mykonos experience. It's just 5km - a short drive - from Naxos Chora. As you drive down to Mykonos Town you follow a winding road that takes on a zig zag shape, after the last bend in the road, this spot is on your right. Even better if the little old lady who lives upstairs is out on her balcony watching the world go by. Or do what we did and walk up from the port into the town and explore the beautiful houses here! from $ 81.32. This cute little turquoise door is another popular Instagram spot in Mykonos. For the Best Beaches in Mykonos head to my blog on the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos, also perfect for Instagram shots. It lasts a little less than 6 hours and starts at 10am or 4pm with free transfer from your hotel or the cruise port. Mykonos Party in town. Stunning photos! Take advantage of our local network with the key people of the island and book the best tables and sunbeds in Mykonos's hottest spots. This is the perfect background to take pictures in your best summer outfits! This waterfront bar offers the most charming setting to sip a cocktail or any other kinds of drinks, in front of the sea. If youre game you can also test out some new angles and jump in the sea with a waterproof camera! It is right on the waterfront and situated a short walk away from. Sunrise Photography in the Greek Islands - Mykonos Old Port. Tropicana Beach Bar and Restaurant. Mykonos is known for its iconic windmills in front of the sea, but also for its cute blue and white paved alleys. Its definitely one of Mykonos best sunset spots. Copyright 2016-2023 The Wandering Lens. The Old Port of Mykonos has been replaced by the new port, 2 kilometers away from the old one. It belongs to the best Instagram photo spots in Mykonos for sure! Where to party in Mykonos? I stayed at the Porto Hotel purely because I saw what the view from the rooms and balcony looked like. You can photograph fishermen with their catch and if youre lucky, fishing for octopus along the port walls which is usually done early in the morning. Super Paradise Beach Club. One little tip Hire a quad or moped to explore the island at your own pace so you can stop for all of those spur of the moment photos that cant be described! Click the button to discover venues and things to do at night in: Mykonos. A view of the Little Venice seafront of Mykonos Town Updated on June 19 2022 The Island of the Winds: Much like the dry Meltemi winds that blast the island every summer, the winds of change blow strongly on Mykonos, bringing a flurry of brand-new hotels, restaurants, bars and shops for each fresh travel season..

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